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- Summary of some projects carried out -

Morada del Filosofo

Philosopher's Dwelling

Housing in Puerto de Mazarrón (Spain)

The home of the Philosopher is an academic work produced in Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Región de Murcia, Spain). The main goal was to create a space for meditation and study. For this purpose, the house was located far from the main population centre, straightforwardly related to the sea.

The main core is created in the library, a double-storey space which accompanies the descent of the inhabitant to the main rooms, located in the most distant point from the entrance. Every room in the house are pointed at the sea, letting it enter the house thanks to the merging of the natural rocks in the landscape and the walls nestled in it.



Reception of visitors of Cartagena (Spain)

Cartagena (Región de Murcia, Spain) is a city with a great flow of tourists, many of them arrive by cruise ships. WAVE is a project developed in Cartagena’s harbour to receive tourists, and its starting point is to create a space to show and inform about the places they could visit in the city area.

The main idea was to accompany the visitor through the longitudinal space they must walk through to get to the city, showing what is inside the buildings without the necessity of stopping their walk.



Architecture School of Cartagena (Spain)

Promenade is an academic project developed in Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Región de Murcia, Spain). It arose from the necessity of studying and analysing the existing problems in the school of architecture of the city so as to propose a new University building.

The main premise was to bring the works made by architecture students closer to the citizens, since many of these students had analysed problems of the city and had proposed different solutions and approaches which never came to be known by the population. The relationship between this building and the rest of the campus was also taken care of, aiming to develop a connecting building.

The project is composed of two blocks: a linear one for administration facilities and library, and a curved one to house classrooms. This curved block aims to collect the flow of people from the main outside path and invite them to walk through the centre in a natural way. The lower part of this block houses workshop areas, more related to the outside space, while theory classrooms and working areas are located in the upper floor.


Retireds Cooperative

Colective Housing (Mazarrón-Spain)

Academic project developed in the collaborative workshop ArquitecturaOn, (Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain), based on the development of collective dwelling, in this case a space for active retirees in Puerto de Mazarrón (Región de Murcia, Spain).

The site is located on the second line of buildings on the seafront promenade, with significant difference of height from the coastline so it allows direct visuals over the Mazarrón bay.

The project is based on the idea of achieving a spot where inhabitants could develop community life around a web of open spaces for leisure activities, aiming to link these spaces to the housing without losing privacy inside them. This idea is embodied in a linear layout of the dwelling which uses corners and subtraction of elements in the ground floor to create gaps for the creation of those spaces, allowing permeability in external transits through the groups of houses.

Housing typology is composed by following the linearity of the main scheme. Two types are created, one of them is a one-storey type with three rooms and the other is a double-storey type with two rooms, both of them distributed in two blocks for daylife and nightlife which are connected by a longitudinal link. The connection between the housing and the outside areas is solved indirectly, through diagonals as in the living core of the one-storey typology, or screens in the windows.

The layout of gaps in the façades is related to the internal use of the dwelling, obtaining a semi-closed façade linked to the night area and an open façade related to the day area and circulation which provides light to the inside of the housing.

Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens

Comercial Building (Warsaw)

Located in Warsaw, Grey Gardens is a commercial building with offices. The idea arose from the necessity of introducing as much light as possible into the inner spaces of the building. For this purpose, vertical connection spaces are created to communicate the different floors visually, linked through the circulation areas. With this proposal we achieved to create a wide inner space which allows the users to appreciate the building as a whole.


Art Around The World

Architectural Competition Opengap

Art Around the World is a project made for one of the Opengap Architecture contests. The main premise was to create a space for artists, where different creative activities could be developed and inspiration could be seeked. Our proposal was based on the fact that interaction between new environments and people contributes to new visions which could lead to new ideas. For this reason we decided to develop an itinerant hotel where creative inspiration is found through interaction between its users and the city.

This project aims to keep room for the users’ creativity since its assembly phase, by using removable modules composed of a solid structure and inflatable coverings which could be shaped differently: the building process of the hotel could turn into a creativity exercise itself.

The settlement in the city is solved by dividing the project in private blocks, where the areas destined to the artists’ rest is located, and public blocks, which include exhibition and workshops spaces. By using this two elements, a dynamic or static zoning can be created in the insertion spaces, creating different flows of people among them and allowing a customized distribution within the city.



Vivienda Privada (Cieza)

Real private dwelling project in Cieza (Región de Murcia, Spain), destined to a young couple with children. Owing to the reduced size of the plot, the layout of the housing is displayed around an inner courtyard to equip the inner rooms with as much light and ventilation as possible. This courtyard is integrated with the living room and the kitchen to be used during the warm period of the year.

The house is divided in three areas sorted by height, locating the most private area in the upper floor (main sleeping room) and the most collective in the basement (musical recording studio).


- Personal and academic data -


Hello! I am Israel Martínez Marín, I am 27 years old and I am currently in my last academic year of the Degree in Architecture.

Although I have always been passionate about techniques and construction, my story with architecture did not start until I asked myself: “and how does it all begin?”, “which is the starting point of a project?” The answer was quite unexpected. It all comes from an Idea, even the most complex and sophisticated elaborations begin with a simple Idea.

I have been working to broaden my knowledge and improve the starting ideas ever since. During my stays abroad I have taken every chance to learn from my colleagues and observe new approaches to the understanding of architecture. I have worked in different workshops and publications, contrasting experiences, and in the last year I have dedicated myself to deepen my knowledge in the world of virtual reality to bring architecture closer to clients.






-Currently studying of DEGREE IN ARCHITECTURE (ETSAE).

-Business practices. Jose Manuel Chacón Bulnes Studio.

-Workshop Siyasa-LAB. University of Michigan. Taubman College.

-Scholarship holder: Ministry of Education and Culture. 2009-2016.

-Erasmus exchange program. Year 2013/2014: Politécnico di Milano.

-Erasmus exchange program Erasmus+. Year 2016/2017 University Ecology & Management. Warsaw.

-Second prize XXIII Concurso lbérico Pladur.

-Web Design Course. Udemy. Year 2016. (Certificate)

-Architec in Funkciona Architekci. Year 2016/2018. Warsaw.(Recommendation Letter)


-EXHIBITIONS "House n°6". Siyasa Lab. Year 2016.

-Jury: "Cooperativa Jubilados activos Mazarrón." ArquitecturaON. Year 2014.

-Jury: Promenade. Final exibition Project Design III-B. Year 2015.


-Publishing: "Centro de Actividades Urbanas en Coimbra. Proyectos de Alumnos, 2013" ISBN: 978-89-942944-0-2.

-Publishing: "Un Campus en la Ciudad" ISBN: 978-84-16325-20-7.


-Modeling and Rendering-

-AutoCad 2D & 3D

-Rhinoceros 5.0

-Vray 3.2

-Photoshop CS6

-Virtual Reality-

-3DStudio Max




-SonyVegas Pro

-Paquete Office